Advanced Mobility and Autonomy for Self-Evolving Digital Twins,
Infrastructure Monitoring and Logistics

1 Swiss-Mile* ≈ 22.32 km or 13.87 miles

*Distance covered by our robot in one hour

Our Story

The challenges of tomorrow

The urban population is 56 % worldwide, and this share will increase even more in the future, requiring smart solutions to make life in cities more sustainable and tackle the following challenges:


Deferred maintenance costs are over one trillion in the US!

CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions from transportation account for 41%!


Traffic congestion increases due to human piloted vehicles!

Delivery Times

Growing demand for faster delivery can no be met!

These challenges require autonomous mobile robots!

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The future of robotic mobility

Swiss-Mile extends our research of the last five years by deploying a multimodal platform to tackle last-mile delivery challenges and logistics with superior speed, efficiency, versatility and payload capability. With both legs and wheels, our robot outperforms state-of-the-art wheeled delivery platforms as well as lightweight delivery drones. It is the only solution capable of carrying tools, materials, goods and sensors over long distances with energy efficiency and speed while overcoming challenging obstacles like steps and stairs and enabling seamless navigation in indoor and outdoor urban environments.

Speed & Efficiency

Up to 6.2 m/s (22.32 km/h or 13.87 miles/h) and 83 % more efficient than legged systems!


Overcomes challenging obstacles and enables navigation in indoor and outdoor spaces!

Payload Capabilities

Can carry tools, materials, goods, and sensors with a maximum payload of 50 kg!


Humanoid-quadruped transformer for manipulation and different mapping viewpoints!

At Your Service

Last-Mile Delivery

General-purpose platform for urban and indoor environments, allowing for various logistic applications by deploying goods, materials and tools.

Digital Twins

Automated solutions for large-scale reality capture that replicates real cities in mirror (digital) worlds.


Large-scale infrastructure monitoring services automatically detect changes in the environment by comparing online data with the pre-mapped digital twin.

AI-Powered Autonomy

Novel algorithms in the area of artificial intelligence that enable robots to navigate in challenging urban environments.


Our Team

We are a team from the Robotic Systems Lab of ETH Zurich with the goal to consecutively initiate a business focusing on autonomous delivery and logistics.

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